Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Baby Shower in Ohio

We left for Ohio on Friday! We arrived safe in Dayton,OH but my suitcase didn't make it on the flight for some reason. Luckily, they brought it to me the next morning at 8am just in time to get ready for the baby shower that Colleen and Stacy planned for us. Duane & I got to visit with alot of his extended family that he hadn't seen in many years. We had tons of great food, lots of presents and just a really good time. It's all becoming so real for us now. Duane got a box of Advil from Randy Jr and that was so funny. He's going to need it with two babies and a wife! Rick is custom making us two baby beds and they are going to be so cute!!

I posted some pictures of the shower! We had it in the house that Colleen & Rick are currently in the process of building.

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