Monday, December 14, 2009

Christmas Celebrations

Friday night we had a Christmas Party at our house with some of our good friends and boy I think we had a feast. Derek & Kelsey brought over a ham, Miller and Becky brought food and I cooked mac & cheese and mashed potatoes. Yummy!! We also had an elephant gift exchange that turned out pretty funny.

Saturday night I had my Womens Ministry "Cowgirls of Faith" Christmas party at our house also. I had about 17 women that attended and I laughed so hard all night long. What a great group of women!!

Sunday night we went to a Christmas performance at Prestonwood Baptist Church called "GLORIA". This is my 3rd year to attend and its amazing. Sure puts me in the Christmas spirit.

The girls are doing good but still have a cold. I'm hoping they get better before we leave for Ohio this weekend. The have started a new laugh and its make Duane & I laugh so hard. Both of them are starting to get up on their knees a little bit so the next thing you know they will be crawling.

KTCC Women's Ministry Christmas Party

Derek, Kelsey & Cody Sutton

Miller, Becky, Logan & Carson Hammond

Emma Jean -25 weeks old

Ava Marie - 25 weeks old

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Now its Emma's turn

YES... now, Emma has the runny nose and it didn't take long for Ava to spread it to her at all. LOL! I'm sure they both picked it up at the same time and there's no way we can avoid both of them getting sick at the same time. They both seem to feel fine, its just the runny nose and a little bit of coughing. I'm sucking it out every couple of hours so hopefully this will help. Here's a few pictures of them playing in their Bumbo chairs with the new trays we got for them. Boy, are they helpful! I can put toys on them for them to play with while I'm cooking dinner and its also helps with feeding time.

Duane just called and said he was starting to feel bad!! Looks like its making it wat through our house. LOTS OF HAND WASHING!!!

Loving the new trays on the Bumbo seats!

Ava Marie - 24 weeks

Emma Jean - 24 weeks

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Christmas Parade

Our church had a float in the Van Alstyne Christmas Parade this past Saturday and for a small town they put on a pretty good one!!! Project G62 is still going on and please keep this project and Pastor Jason Norton in your prayers.

Ava woke up with a stuffy nose this morning so we took her to the doctor just to make sure. I had been sick last week so we are thinking that maybe I passed it along to her. Hopefully, we caught it fast enough that it won't last long. The doctor said that Emma would more than likely get it too but we are hoping not. The doctor told us to put saline drops in her nose and every couple of hours to suck out the mucus. Oh boy, lots of fun!! They are both grabbing toys and anything they can reach. They both roll over and have started to figure out that they have legs. They are getting stronger and stronger by the day and should be sitting up in the next month and maybe crawling.

Kings Trail Cowboy Church float

Daddy & the girls - 5 1/2 months old

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Project G62

Galatians 6:2

Bear ye one another's burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ.

What is Project G6:2?
Pastor Jason Norton, of King's Trail Cowboy Church, will be going without food and Christmas for himself, so that others may have food and Christmas for their children. This Project will begin at midnight on December 1st, and go through Midnight on December 26th. That's right, Brother Jason will be going without food for more than 25 days! To hear more about this Project please go to and click on the file to the right.....

How can I be a part of G62?
Brother Jason will be camped out at the corner of Stephens Street (FM 121) and Waco Street (Hwy 5) in Van Alstyne, TX. (in the field behind the Donut Shop.) Please feel free to drop off donations of non-perishible food, new clothing, or new toys. If you are not able to help out with these items, please keep Bro. Jason in your prayers during this time. Or please feel free to stop by and visit him. You will be blessed either way!

If you are in need, or know of a family in need, please contact us at
or by phone at (903) 819-9466.