Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Finally a POST!

Yes, I'm finally posting on our blog! My days seems so busy with the girls, our business, church and much more that I've gotten away from posting on the blog. We'll since our last post here's an update of whats been going on in the Wegley house.

Emma and Ava turned 15 months old and here are the results for their check up on Friday:

Emma - 20lbs 13oz, 30 inches long
Ava - 20lbs 13oz, 30.3 inches long

Both got an A+ on development and doctor said they are ahead on communication skills. (Maybe they get all that talking from their momma.... LOL)

NEWS FLASH!!!! Duane & I found out that we are being BLESSED with another baby last week. We went to our first doctors appointment yesterday. I'm 6 weeks pregnant, they had a hard time finding a heart beat but said that's normal for only being 6 weeks. We go back in 2 weeks (October 11th) to have another sonogram.

Duane & I have been super busy with church! Duane and his men's group just hosted a Men's Gathering that they had been working on for months. What a blessing it was to so many men!

Have a great day and hopefully I'll get some pictures posted soon!