Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas Night in Texas

We finally got home around 10pm and had our Christmas together! We were pretty tired and I think we both feel asleep in the living room. Oh, thats a pretty normal night for me. LOL!!

Christmas Afternoon @ Grandma Golden's

We went to Grandma Goldens on Christmas afternoon for lunch. Randy Jr kids are so cute and Randy III just loved Duane. Tony & Colleen make Chicken and Dumplins every year for Christmas lunch are they are wonderful. April (Duane's cousin) is expecting a baby due on April 4th so we will have 3 new babies at Grandma's next year.

Colleen & Rick droppoed us off at the airport that afternoon so we could catch our flight home at 5:50pm. We arrived at DFW airport and once again my luggage was missing. Another passenger grabbed the wrong luggage and it just happened to be mine! We didn't get too upset since it was Christmas and we only had to wait about 30 minutes for him to come back to the airport. Overall, we had a wonderful Christmas and hope you did too!!!

Christmas Day!!!

It was finally CHRISTMAS and Duane's 35th birthday!!! We celebrated with Cinnamon Rolls and opening presents. NO ONE GOT COAL THIS YEAR!! We must of all been really good. LOL!!

Christmas Eve at "The Wegley's" in Ohio

Christmas Eve morning we went over and visited with Grandma Golden while Colleen went to work for a couple of hours. Then, we headed back to get ready to go to "The Wegley's" on Christmas Eve. There was lots of great food!! We visited with family that we usually only get to see once a year. The kids get bigger and bigger every year! Dennis and Pats house is all decked out for Christmas and I believe they have over 600 Santa's. We had a wonderful time!

Christmas in Cincinnaiti w/ Carrie

We traveled to Cincinnaiti on Tuesday evening to have dinner with Stacy & Carrie. Also, to have Christmas with Carrie since she goes to her family on Christmas morning. As soon as we took off from Lewisburg, OH it started to sleet. It took us 2 hours to get there and there were tons of wrecks on the highway. I don't do well with ice on the roads (I wasn't driving but it just makes me nervous). We finally arrived and Stacy's neighborhood was a sheet of ice. We decided to go to a local restaurant right down the street from her house instead of driving several miles to the steak house. Afterwards, we headed back to their house and Carrie opened up her gifts. Needless to say, it took us 2 hours to get home that night. I was just thankful we were SAFE!

Crafts with Kids on Sunday

Every year Duane & I have visited this family with 5 kids. Johnny (the dad)used to work for Rick and they do several different camps for them each year. All 5 kids were adopted and we just love to see them every year. Last year we did crafts with them so we couldn't wait to do it again. Jay & Becky joined us last year with there 2 kids and came back again this year to join in on the fun. We went to church on Sunday morning and then meet the kids back at Rick & Collen's house. Rick took them to cut down a Christmas tree and then we started making all the decorations to put on the tree. This year we made wax candles, angels, etc. The hit of the day was when we made Rodolf for them to take home. This is a huge blessing to get to teach them how to make different things to decorate a tree with instead of just going out and buying stuff. This is what Christmas is all about.

Baby Shower in Ohio

We left for Ohio on Friday! We arrived safe in Dayton,OH but my suitcase didn't make it on the flight for some reason. Luckily, they brought it to me the next morning at 8am just in time to get ready for the baby shower that Colleen and Stacy planned for us. Duane & I got to visit with alot of his extended family that he hadn't seen in many years. We had tons of great food, lots of presents and just a really good time. It's all becoming so real for us now. Duane got a box of Advil from Randy Jr and that was so funny. He's going to need it with two babies and a wife! Rick is custom making us two baby beds and they are going to be so cute!!

I posted some pictures of the shower! We had it in the house that Colleen & Rick are currently in the process of building.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Ice Storm Today!!!!

It's freezing today! The temp dropped yesterday in the 20's and it started to sleet last night around 7o'clock. The roads were all iced over in Celina and Prospser this morning and they closed down the schools. They don't sand our roads here till you get to McKinney so I drove about 20 miles an hour on the way to work. Duane waited till around 8am to go to work and I waited till around 9:30am. Driving on ice scares me to death so I don't do well. Hopefully the ice will melt before we have to drive home from work today but it's not looking good. The high is 32 for today and it may rain/snow more this afternoon. I took this picture this morning and its was very slick in our driveway. The other picture is at work and it's snowing now! I put Max & Bob in the mud room so they would be warm all day. My poor doggies don't like to be cold. LOL!!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

10 weeks 3 days!

We'll we went to the doctor on Monday for our monthly check up and everything went great! They didn't do a sonogram like we thought they would but that's ok. We did get to hear the babies heart beat on the doppler and it was 170. Right now both of the heart beats sound the same and as they grow they will eventually become more destinctive. The doctor said that everything looks great and we go back on Dec 29th. I'm starting to get a small belly and I'm so excited!

Duane just got over a stomach virus that he came down with on Sunday but is feeling much better now! We have a super busy weekend coming up with 2 Christmas parties and a Christmas Musical that we are going to on Sunday night at Preston Baptist Church in Plano. They do this musical every year and its amazing. I went last year with a friend and I had really wished Duane had gone so he's going this year! Besides all of that, we will be getting ready to head to Ohio next Friday for Christmas!

Duane gets some brownie points this week because he put the Christmas lights up on our house... YEAH!!! Everything has been so crazy that he just hadn't had a chance but we have them now!

Friday, December 5, 2008

RIP...Aunt Sissy!

Yesterday was a crazy day! My cell phone rang at 6:30am to let me know that my "Aunt Sissy" was in ICU and it wasn't looking good. They weren't sure if she had a heart attack or what was wrong. Sissy thought she had a viral infection but it got so bad that my Uncle Tony had to take her to the hospital right away on Wednesday afternoon around 4pm. After they arrived at the hospital she went downhill very quick. I drove to Athens yesterday morning around 10am to see her and its wasn't good. She died a couple of hours after I arrived and now they are saying that it was E Coli. She didn't have a spleen so her body couldn't fight off the virus and it attacked her so quick. I know that she is in a great place now and has a smile of her face! Please keep the Yates Family in your prayers! This happened so fast that they are really having a hard time.

The picture above is my aunt just a week ago on Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Congrats Matt & Beth!!! It's a girl!!

Duane & I have another niece! YEAH!!! We can't wait to meet and hold her but it will be awhile since they are in California! Maybe we will be able to go and visit one day.

Katherine Alice Buechter
Born: Tuesday, December 2nd at 9:18am
5lbs 13oz
18" long

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

We are ready for Christmas!!!!!!!

It sure was nice being off work for 4 days. Duane & I really enjoyed the time off!! We put up the christmas tree and put out all the decorations. Thank Goodness its done! Now, I'm justing waiting on Duane to put the lights on the house. Hopefully, he will get to put those up this weekend.

As of yesterday, I'm 9 weeks pregnant! I'm starting to get a little baby bump or maybe I had to much to eat for Thanksgiving. LOL!! We go to the doctor next Monday and we can't wait. We are hoping they do another sonogram and we get to see how much the peanuts have grown.

Duane made a bunch of cross ornaments for our Christmas tree this weekend out of balsa wood. They are really cute!