Friday, December 5, 2008

RIP...Aunt Sissy!

Yesterday was a crazy day! My cell phone rang at 6:30am to let me know that my "Aunt Sissy" was in ICU and it wasn't looking good. They weren't sure if she had a heart attack or what was wrong. Sissy thought she had a viral infection but it got so bad that my Uncle Tony had to take her to the hospital right away on Wednesday afternoon around 4pm. After they arrived at the hospital she went downhill very quick. I drove to Athens yesterday morning around 10am to see her and its wasn't good. She died a couple of hours after I arrived and now they are saying that it was E Coli. She didn't have a spleen so her body couldn't fight off the virus and it attacked her so quick. I know that she is in a great place now and has a smile of her face! Please keep the Yates Family in your prayers! This happened so fast that they are really having a hard time.

The picture above is my aunt just a week ago on Thanksgiving!

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