Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Crafts with Kids on Sunday

Every year Duane & I have visited this family with 5 kids. Johnny (the dad)used to work for Rick and they do several different camps for them each year. All 5 kids were adopted and we just love to see them every year. Last year we did crafts with them so we couldn't wait to do it again. Jay & Becky joined us last year with there 2 kids and came back again this year to join in on the fun. We went to church on Sunday morning and then meet the kids back at Rick & Collen's house. Rick took them to cut down a Christmas tree and then we started making all the decorations to put on the tree. This year we made wax candles, angels, etc. The hit of the day was when we made Rodolf for them to take home. This is a huge blessing to get to teach them how to make different things to decorate a tree with instead of just going out and buying stuff. This is what Christmas is all about.

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