Monday, September 28, 2009

15 weeks!!

Yes, the girls are 15 weeks already and they are sooooooo much fun. They are smiling and cooing more and more every single day. They looked so cute in these outfits with the hats on Sunday at church.

Ava has a small purple bruise on her bottom gums and we have no idea why. She's too young to be cutting teeth so we're not sure. It doesn't seem to bother her so we'll just keep an eye on it for now.

Ava - 15 weeks old

Emma - 15 weeks old

Cowgirls of Faith - Ladies Night

Our monthly Cowgirls of Faith "Ladies Night" was tons of fun!! Sandie Dickey came to sing and gave a great message to all of us ladies. We also had a wedding shower for Amanda who is getting married on Oct 17th. I left the girls with Duane and boy did they drive him crazy. LOL!! I told him that next time I would take one of the girls with me and only leave him with one of them. That way it would be much easier.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Boomer Sooner Baby!

Yes, Duane made the girls some Oklahoma Sooner outfits just for me! I know it broke his heart to see the girls wearing them but he was a good sport about it. They wore them to church and made all the Texas Longhorn fans mad! LOL!!

Emma & Ava turned 3 months old on Sunday. WOW!! Time is going by soooooooo fast and they are getting so big. They are both starting to grab, hold on, and touch things. We have been working with them so hopefully they will be able to hold a bottle soon.... we can at least wish for that to happen!

Emma & Ava - 3 months old

Ava Marie- 3 months old

Emma Jean - 3 months old

Emma Jean - 3 months old

Ava Marie- holding her toy for the first time!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Go Cowboys!!

Duane also made the girls some Dallas Cowboy Onesizes to wear to church on Sunday. What a GREAT DADDY!! The other pictures are just to cute not to post. The girls turned 13 weeks old on Saturday and are doing great. We are having a BLAST with them and never knew life could be so wonderful with two little girls. Thank you LORD for these babies. You have truely changed our lives!! What a BLESSING!!

Miss Ava @ church in her Dallas Cowboy Onesize

Miss Emma @ church in her Dallas Cowboy Onesize

Ava - 13 weeks old

Emma - 13 weeks old

More Ohio State Buckeyes!

Duane made the girls some more Ohio State Onesizes for the Ohio State vs USC game. Of coarse I had to take tons of pictures!! Wish the Bucks would of won.. dang it! At least the score was close.

Ava- on left, Emma- on right

Emma Jean - looking so cute!

Emma- on left, Ava - on right - I tried to put Emma's arm around Ava

Beautiful Ava Marie

Ava - growing so fast!

"Sip & See Tea"

My Mother's of Mulitples group had a Sip & See Tea for all the new and expectant mom's on Satuday. The girls got to meet several other twin babies!! We look forward to many more outings with this group of ladies and twins.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Emma Rolls Over

Emma rolled over for the first time on Saturday but I didn't have the video camera ready. I did today! I was working on the computer, had both of the girls doing tummy time and looked over to find her on her back. I got so excited, grabbed the video camera and prayed she would do it again. So, here it is on video. You go Emma!!!

Here's the link below! I couldn't get the video to upload her for some reason so I put it on Youtube. Just copy and past the link.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Ohio State Buckeyes

Yes, everyone knows that Duane is a "HUGE" Buckeye fan so he made sure the girls had something to wear on Saturday for the first game. So, we made them Brutus the Buckeye onesies and they turned out so cute. GO BUCKS!!

Emma rolled over for the first time on Saturday and she did it three times. How exciting for us to watch them grow and do something new every single day.

We went and visited with our good friends Chris and Becca yesterday. Of coarse we were trying to talk them into having a baby so the girls could have a friend to play with so we'll see if they go for it. LOL!!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Flip Flops! Flip Flops!

We put some shoes on Emma and Ava for the first time yesterday. They looked so cute on them. By the time we got to church last night we had put those shoes back on them a million times. As soon and we would put them one of them on, they kicked the other one off.

No more Bushes!

We've always wanted to pull the bushes in the front of our house because they block the view from our porch. One side of the bushes started to die so we decided to go ahead and pull all of them. I'm really excited because we can actually plant some flowers now. Duane is going to build us some rock flower beds to match the front of the house. Hopefully, we can make it really western.

They are gone!

Ready to take to the Dump!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

School, School and More School...

Duane took a Quickbooks class last Wednesday and Thursday so we can starting using it more for our business. Hopefully, he can teach me how to use it! This should really help us out alot and make things really easy. Then, Friday night was my Ladies Night and he watched the girls. What a GREAT DADDY! We went to a Simulcast at Prestonwood North Baptist Church in Prosper to listen to Beth Moore. What a blessing to hear her speak! Then, Duane left on Saturday morning to attend the Texas Fellowship of Cowboy Churches School in Whitney, Texas for the day. I know he was so tired of sitting since he's not used to it but he had a great time and learned alot. He took several classes and really enjoyed himself.

My good friend Jessica came and spent the weekend with us and helped me with the girls. We went and visited another good friend of mine "Amber" and her new baby Brady. He's the girls first "Boyfriend". LOL!! Daddy says NO boyfriends!

Ava, Brady & Emma - The girls first "Boyfriend" - LOL!!

The girls at church!

Daddy starting trouble and letting Ava in Emma's bed but I caught him! LOL!

Brady Cash - 2 weeks old - Born August 16th

Jessica and Ava Marie