Tuesday, September 1, 2009

School, School and More School...

Duane took a Quickbooks class last Wednesday and Thursday so we can starting using it more for our business. Hopefully, he can teach me how to use it! This should really help us out alot and make things really easy. Then, Friday night was my Ladies Night and he watched the girls. What a GREAT DADDY! We went to a Simulcast at Prestonwood North Baptist Church in Prosper to listen to Beth Moore. What a blessing to hear her speak! Then, Duane left on Saturday morning to attend the Texas Fellowship of Cowboy Churches School in Whitney, Texas for the day. I know he was so tired of sitting since he's not used to it but he had a great time and learned alot. He took several classes and really enjoyed himself.

My good friend Jessica came and spent the weekend with us and helped me with the girls. We went and visited another good friend of mine "Amber" and her new baby Brady. He's the girls first "Boyfriend". LOL!! Daddy says NO boyfriends!

Ava, Brady & Emma - The girls first "Boyfriend" - LOL!!

The girls at church!

Daddy starting trouble and letting Ava in Emma's bed but I caught him! LOL!

Brady Cash - 2 weeks old - Born August 16th

Jessica and Ava Marie

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Stacy Wegley said...

Love my baby girls! Tell daddy...no worries...I think A&E can take Brady...at least for now :).