Thursday, September 24, 2009

Boomer Sooner Baby!

Yes, Duane made the girls some Oklahoma Sooner outfits just for me! I know it broke his heart to see the girls wearing them but he was a good sport about it. They wore them to church and made all the Texas Longhorn fans mad! LOL!!

Emma & Ava turned 3 months old on Sunday. WOW!! Time is going by soooooooo fast and they are getting so big. They are both starting to grab, hold on, and touch things. We have been working with them so hopefully they will be able to hold a bottle soon.... we can at least wish for that to happen!

Emma & Ava - 3 months old

Ava Marie- 3 months old

Emma Jean - 3 months old

Emma Jean - 3 months old

Ava Marie- holding her toy for the first time!

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