Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Where to Start?

We'll its been a very busy couple of months in the Wegley house! Emma and Ava are 17 1/2 months old. They are saying all kinds of new words every day and are very busy little girls. Ava loves to take toys away from her sister and Emma likes to bit sometimes. LOL! They can climb up latters, on the couch and chairs, and just about anything else. They are still using a pacifier but hopefully after our trip to Ohio for Christmas we will get rid of them, I'm not looking forward to that day at all.

The last post I had written that I was expecting but it ended in a miscarraige. God had a better plan and we know that we will be blessed again one day!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Finally a POST!

Yes, I'm finally posting on our blog! My days seems so busy with the girls, our business, church and much more that I've gotten away from posting on the blog. We'll since our last post here's an update of whats been going on in the Wegley house.

Emma and Ava turned 15 months old and here are the results for their check up on Friday:

Emma - 20lbs 13oz, 30 inches long
Ava - 20lbs 13oz, 30.3 inches long

Both got an A+ on development and doctor said they are ahead on communication skills. (Maybe they get all that talking from their momma.... LOL)

NEWS FLASH!!!! Duane & I found out that we are being BLESSED with another baby last week. We went to our first doctors appointment yesterday. I'm 6 weeks pregnant, they had a hard time finding a heart beat but said that's normal for only being 6 weeks. We go back in 2 weeks (October 11th) to have another sonogram.

Duane & I have been super busy with church! Duane and his men's group just hosted a Men's Gathering that they had been working on for months. What a blessing it was to so many men!

Have a great day and hopefully I'll get some pictures posted soon!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

13 months old!

Emma & Ava turned 13 months old yesterday and are doing more every single day. Both girls are walking/crawling all over the place. They will take 6-8 steps them fall down and craw the rest of the way. Each day it seems like they are walking more and more. They can say Momma, Dada, Bob (one of our dogs), Peek (from Peek a Boo), Bye-Bye, Hi, Baby, and alot of things that we can't understand.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Weekend to Remember

Duane and I attended a marriage conference weekend before last with 8 other couples called "Weekend to Remember". What an amazing weekend we had at the Gaylord Hotel,some very much needed time away to ourselves and of coarse we missed our girls. The conference was Friday night, all day Saturday and Sunday morning. It was a time to really learn about each other and get some great ideas on how to have an "AMAZING MARRIAGE"! Go to for info.

9 couple attended Weekend to Remember (missing one couple in pic)

Brett & Eileen

Miller & Becky

Duane & I

The hotel was all decorated for Alice in the Wonderland!

Rob & Sherra

Duane & I... learning alot!

Weekend to Remember

Us again!!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

1st Birthday Bash!!!!

It's been an amazing first year and it's so hard to believe that the girls are one already. The birthday party was so much fun! We had tons of friends over, the girls were so happy that day of the party, and we really enjoyed having family here with us this past week.

Emma took 3 steps at the birthday party and Ava took 3 or so steps the other day. They are walking along all the furniture and anything else they can pull up on to get started. We are just waiting for that day to come where they take off walking. I'm not sure if we are ready for it or not but it's coming real soon. They are saying all kinds of things uch as Momma, Dada, Bob (our dog), bye-bye, hi, baby, happy, Nana and Rick thinks he got them to finally say Papa.

Rick, Colleen and Stacy were here for the party from Ohio. We made a trip to Uncle Julios for dinner (like thats something new, LOL!). They love that restaurant, we'll we all do! YUMMY!! YUMMY!! Stacy did a small photo shoot with us at the park and Collen went with me to the girls 1yr check up. Here's the report from the 1yr check up below:

Emma Jean
Weight - 20lbs 5oz
Height - 29.3 inches
Head - 17.9 inches
Development: A+

Ava Marie
Weight - 20lbs 3oz
Height - 29.0 inches
Head: 17.6 inches
Development: A+

I was really suprised to see Emma measuring taller than Ava for the first time! I had the nurse measure her twice because she's always been just a little bit shorter.

Emma & Ava at the Birthday Bash!

The backyard all ready for the party!

The Payne Family and Ava Marie

My friend Sheri and Emma Jean


Signs that we made for the party!

Baby pool

Kids pool

Emma taking a few steps!

Daddy built us a sandbox!

Ava Marie

The Flip Flop Cake!


Our presents!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

It's been tooooooo long!!!

For all you follwers of our blog, I'm so sorry!!! Life has been super busy around our house and hasn't seem to slow down. Here's whats been going on in the past couple of months:

Emma and Ava are 11+months old and we are getting ready to celebrate their first birthday. Wow, this first year has flown by so fast! Both girls are standing up, walking along the furniture, saying Momma, Daddy, bye-bye, and alot of stuff we can't understand. Emma said Nana for the first time last week. They are such happy babies and will be walking before you know it!They love green beans, strawberries, pears, and just about anything I put in front of them to eat.

Ava Marie - walking along the furniture

Memorial Day Weekend at Chris & Becca's house

Birthday party at the park for cousin Christian turning 1

Christian and Ava playing with a book

Miss Ava walking!!

Emma Jean at the pool for the first time and loving it!

The girls and "Brady Cash" at the pool for the first time!


Jo Jo, Sammy Kay (all the way from Alaska) stopped by to visit while in town

The girls getting into everything!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

9 Month Check-Up & Easter Bunny

We went to the doctor yesterday for the girls 9 month check-up. Update below.

Emma Jean
Weight: 19lbs
Height: 27.3 inches
Head: 17.4 inches
Physical Exam: Normal
Development: A+
Shots: Hepatitis B

Ava Marie
Weight: 19lbs
Height: 27.5 inches
Head: 17.2 inches
Physical Exam: Normal
Development: A+
Shots: Hepatitus B

The doctor said Ava has the strongest grip that he's ever seen! She wouldn't let go, you have to pry it out of her hands. LOL!

We are so blessed to have 2 healthy babies. Thank you Jesus!!
Next check up will be at 1yrs old. After the doctors appointment we took the girls to see the Easter bunny and they did great. They laughed sitting on his lap and had a really great time.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

It's snowing again!

Grandpa Duane & Grandma Loiuse also came to visit us for a couple of day! Aunt Stacy was also here visiting but never seem to get a picture of her with the girls!

Yes, the first day of Spring was yesterday and it started snowing last night. This morning we woke up to 5+ inches of snow on the ground. I promise to never ask for it to snow again because I'm so ready for Summer! It was 70 degree on Friday and 30 degree yesterday. The good thing about living in Texas is that it supposed to be back in the 60's tomorrow. Then, the girls and I will be able to go out and walk again.

Monday, March 15, 2010

More Projects!

Duane & I started doing some outside projects since its been getting a bit warmer. This winter Duane pulled out all the bushes along our porch in the front yard so we really needed to get out there and get some flower beds done. It's still a work in progress but it looks much better.

Emma and Ava are doing great. Ava has started to say Dada & both are crawling all over the place. The love to sing in the car..... we miss the days when they would sleep so we could talk... LOL! Aunt Statcy was here this past weekend to visit before going to Austin for a photgraphy class all this week. Then, she'll be back to visit before she flys back to Ohio. Grandpa Duane & Grandma Louise will also be here visiting this weekend.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

The girls are all over he place these days! We are so excited that its getting warmer outside so we can go for walks. Both of the girls are crawling but in different stages. Emma is up to a full knee crawl and Ava is doing the army crawl. They are also starting to pull up on whatever they can find.

Emma - just give her a box and toilet paper bag to play with & she's happy!

We went outside to have dinner since its was so nice!

Getting ready to go walk and yes.... I had to make sure the ears were covered!

Emma... is too fast for me.. she made it to the kitchen!

On our walk!