Tuesday, June 1, 2010

It's been tooooooo long!!!

For all you follwers of our blog, I'm so sorry!!! Life has been super busy around our house and hasn't seem to slow down. Here's whats been going on in the past couple of months:

Emma and Ava are 11+months old and we are getting ready to celebrate their first birthday. Wow, this first year has flown by so fast! Both girls are standing up, walking along the furniture, saying Momma, Daddy, bye-bye, and alot of stuff we can't understand. Emma said Nana for the first time last week. They are such happy babies and will be walking before you know it!They love green beans, strawberries, pears, and just about anything I put in front of them to eat.

Ava Marie - walking along the furniture

Memorial Day Weekend at Chris & Becca's house

Birthday party at the park for cousin Christian turning 1

Christian and Ava playing with a book

Miss Ava walking!!

Emma Jean at the pool for the first time and loving it!

The girls and "Brady Cash" at the pool for the first time!


Jo Jo, Sammy Kay (all the way from Alaska) stopped by to visit while in town

The girls getting into everything!


W.C.Camp said...

Congrats and Happy Birthdays! It really does go so fast. Enjoy every minute and record every peep. You will never regret it. W.C.C.

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