Wednesday, August 26, 2009

So Many Changes!

We'll alot has changed around our house in the past couple of months and it seems like it keeps changing. I've offically quit my job and staying home with the girls. They had orginally told me that I would be able to work from home after I had the babies but then said I wouldn't be able to when it was time for me to start back. So, now I'm working for Duane and doing all the office work plus I'm going to be selling cabinets/ new jobs. Please keep us in your prayers as we step out in "Faith" and trust God. I know he will always provide for us!!

The girls are doing great and they keep changing so much. They have chubby little cheeks and have really started smiling alot. We are so blessed to have "TWO" very happy babies. Duane went out walking with us the other night for our first offical "Family Walk". LOL! The girls just love it!

Daddy & the girls at 9 weeks old

Out for a very first "Family Walk"

This is awesome and I just want to fall asleep!

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