Friday, August 7, 2009

7 Weeks Old Already!

The girls will turn 7 weeks old tomorrow and they are growing so fast. They are really starting to fill out and get some chubby cheeks. We've had more visitors come by the house to see them!

I had to go to the doctor Thursday because my incession split open in two places. Dr. Greenburg said I must of had some fluid behind the incession that needed to be released so thats what caused it to split. I have to clean it 4 times a day and then go back next week to make sure its better. He said it should heal just fine!

Ava loving her swing!

Emma sitting in her Bumbo chair. This chair if PERFECT for holding them up!

Andrea and Emma

Molly & Ava

James & Jeanne Hodges & the girls

Aunt Debbie & the girls

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