Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Ice Storm Today!!!!

It's freezing today! The temp dropped yesterday in the 20's and it started to sleet last night around 7o'clock. The roads were all iced over in Celina and Prospser this morning and they closed down the schools. They don't sand our roads here till you get to McKinney so I drove about 20 miles an hour on the way to work. Duane waited till around 8am to go to work and I waited till around 9:30am. Driving on ice scares me to death so I don't do well. Hopefully the ice will melt before we have to drive home from work today but it's not looking good. The high is 32 for today and it may rain/snow more this afternoon. I took this picture this morning and its was very slick in our driveway. The other picture is at work and it's snowing now! I put Max & Bob in the mud room so they would be warm all day. My poor doggies don't like to be cold. LOL!!

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