Thursday, December 11, 2008

10 weeks 3 days!

We'll we went to the doctor on Monday for our monthly check up and everything went great! They didn't do a sonogram like we thought they would but that's ok. We did get to hear the babies heart beat on the doppler and it was 170. Right now both of the heart beats sound the same and as they grow they will eventually become more destinctive. The doctor said that everything looks great and we go back on Dec 29th. I'm starting to get a small belly and I'm so excited!

Duane just got over a stomach virus that he came down with on Sunday but is feeling much better now! We have a super busy weekend coming up with 2 Christmas parties and a Christmas Musical that we are going to on Sunday night at Preston Baptist Church in Plano. They do this musical every year and its amazing. I went last year with a friend and I had really wished Duane had gone so he's going this year! Besides all of that, we will be getting ready to head to Ohio next Friday for Christmas!

Duane gets some brownie points this week because he put the Christmas lights up on our house... YEAH!!! Everything has been so crazy that he just hadn't had a chance but we have them now!

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Stacy Wegley said...

We can't wait for you guys to get here!