Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Now its Emma's turn

YES... now, Emma has the runny nose and it didn't take long for Ava to spread it to her at all. LOL! I'm sure they both picked it up at the same time and there's no way we can avoid both of them getting sick at the same time. They both seem to feel fine, its just the runny nose and a little bit of coughing. I'm sucking it out every couple of hours so hopefully this will help. Here's a few pictures of them playing in their Bumbo chairs with the new trays we got for them. Boy, are they helpful! I can put toys on them for them to play with while I'm cooking dinner and its also helps with feeding time.

Duane just called and said he was starting to feel bad!! Looks like its making it wat through our house. LOTS OF HAND WASHING!!!

Loving the new trays on the Bumbo seats!

Ava Marie - 24 weeks

Emma Jean - 24 weeks

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