Monday, November 17, 2008

5K Walk in Mckinney

Duane & I had a great weekend! He worked on the kitchen most of the time and I had a full schedule on Saturday. I walked in a 5K Run on Saturday morning and it was freezing. The wind was blowing so hard that it made it really hard to even walk but I made it. I had a really good time and look forward to doing more walks in the future. Duane has the kitchen and our front room ready for our friend Jeremy to come over and tape and bed. He moved the electric in our bedroom over yesterday so its now by the new door and not on the other side of the room. He posted our cabinets on Craigs List so hopefully we can sell them to help us pay for our new cabinets. We are having to do this project in small steps because of the cost involved. My next doctors appointment is on December 8th so we have 3 weeks to wait. Hopefully they will do another sonogram and we can see our little peanuts growing! I feel pretty good, just a little tired still but we are so blessed!!

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