Thursday, May 21, 2009

Baby Update!

Monday was our regular scheduled doctor's appointment. They did a 3D sonogram again but we could only see Emma again. Ava is face down and not wanting to show her face. I guess she wants to be a SUPRISE! Emma weighs 4.1 lbs and Ava weighs 4.6lbs. Ava is 1/2lb ahead on Emma but the doctor said that everything was fine. We even got to see that Emma has a little bit of hair on her head. LOL! As far as my swelling goes the doctor said its pretty normal and it will go away once I deliver the babies. So, he suggested drinking lots of water and keeping my feet up as much as possible. My blood pressure is fine so its nothing to worry about. I don't even have to change my diet because it won't make a difference. Yesterday, I felt pretty bad all day with my lower back hurting. I called the doctor around 2:30pm and they said for me to go home, lay down, drink some water and see if that helped. My back was still hurting so I called the doctor back around 5:45pm and they said to go ahead and come into the hospital just to get checked out and make sure everything was ok. We were there till about 9pm last night and everything is fine. They put several monitors on me to check the babies and to see if I was having contractions. I was having some contractions but nothing to be worried about at this point. So, hopefully I can keep these babies coooking for 4 more weeks.

Check out this video! Just hit the play button!

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