Monday, May 18, 2009

The Baby Beds are here!!

Colleen, Rick and Stacy (Duane's mom, step dad & sister) drove down from Ohio to visit us this weekend and bring the baby beds. Rick made these beds and they are so cute!! We also bought a new shelf for the nursery and everything matches so well. We spent the weekend putting together the rest of the baby stuff and we are pretty much ready besides waiting on a few things to decroate. Stacy took our pictures yesterday and I can't wait to see them. We took them in hay fields, in front of a couple of old barns, etc. We really appreciate everything that did for us and once again are so BLESSED!! Only 4 weeks and 5 days to go till these babies get here.


JeremyandMichelle said...

To cute!!! Love the room!! Now all we need are the two Angels, Emma and Ava!

Love you guy's,
Jeremy and Michelle

Anonymous said...

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