Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

Hope everyone had a great Valentine's Day. Duane & I didn't do much but stay around the house infront of the fire. We had about 12 inches of snow and it almost gone now. It's been an extremely COLD winter here and we are so ready for some warm weather. We put the girls down for a nap and tired to go out and play in the snow for a little bit but Ava didn't sleep very long. I bundled her up in her snow suit and took her outside for a few minutes. She didn't know what to think about us building a snowman. She had this serious look on her face the whole time but we had fun.

Ava on Valentine's Day

Emma on Valentines Day - Look at my new tooth!

Duane building a snowman... you know how much her LOVES the snow. LOL!

Daddy & Ava

So much snow!!

MaX playing in the snow looking so PRETTY!


inspiration said...

cute dog :D

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