Thursday, October 22, 2009

Baby Dedication & Family in Town

Nana, Aunt Stacy, Grandpa Duane & Grandma Louise were in town a couple of weeks ago to see the girls. Stacy did another photo shoot with us so we'll be sending out some pictures soon. We can't wait to see them, she always does a fantastic job! While Stacy was in town she also did a photo shoot with some friends of our "Adam & Angela" that have boy/girls twins. Colleen, Stacy, Duane Sr. & Louise were a huge help to us with the girls! Feeding, changing diapers, burping and tons of spoiling!! We had such a great time with them and hated to see them leave.

We had the girls "Baby Dedication" at church while everyone was in town. Duane & I also decided to rededicate our lives. It was a very special day for our little family. Thank you to so many wonderful friends and family that were there to share this with us. WE LOVE YOU!!

Duane & I dedicating the girls to the Lord at Kings Trail Cowboy Church

Daddy & Ava - look at that smile!!

Me - rededicating my life

Duane - rededicating his life

Grandpa Duane & Ava

Aunt Stacy & Emma

Grandma Louise spoling Ava

Nana spoiling one of the girls! The batteries went out on one of the swings but that wasn't going to stop Nana! Now, that's ROTTEN... LOL!!

Grandpa Duane & Grandma Louise

Aunt Stacy & Nana

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