Monday, January 19, 2009

16 weeks/ 4 months pregnant today!!

Wow,time is really starting to fly by it seems! We will find out on Feb 2nd (2 wks from today) what we are having for sure. We are so excited so we can start decorating the babies room. We need to paint, pick out colors, and so much more. I feel great! I've had lots more energy in the past 2 weeks so I'm not near as tired as I've been. I started deep cleaning the house this weekend. (Lots of fun) I'm cleaning out cabinets, throwing stuff in the trash and making a pile of stuff for a garage sale. Hopefully, we will make lots of room for all the baby stuff. I will post some new belly pics soon!

Duane left for Austin again tonight to work for the next couple of days. The housing market has been so slow that he's been driving to Austin just to be able to get some work. Please keep his buisness in your prayers! We know that God will always provide for us!!!

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